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Baguette Levain

Baguette Levain

 NOTE: This post is going to be edited later. DONE with many interuptions!

So this weekend was rather quiet and I needed a little bread fix. I have been lusting after the baguettes on The Fresh Loaf dubbed the Anis Baguettes, wonderful open crumb and a 20 hour ferment.  Janedo over there and also her blog, which I need to ask if  I may add her to my blogroll, she spent the day with the recipient of the best baguette in France award. He Anis Bouabasa shared with Janedo his process and formula. These are amazing if they are done correctly. My baguettes decided early on in our relationship they were not going down without some combat! Also, of course, I just cannot leave well enough alone. Here is an acknowledged baker with much more experience than I and I have to try to tweak things.



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