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Gift List

(these are in no specific order)

1.  Bamboo Bread Bag

2.  Carved Wood Bowls

3.The First Celebrity Chef, “The Adventurous Chef: Alexis Soyer  (children’s book ages 4-8) Author: Ann Arnold

 4. Tomato Seeds (Tomato Fest)

5. Kaleialoha Orchids 

I am going to be gathering some gift ideas and posting them in the next few days. There is and will remain a link to those “gifts” I deem great gifts for any occasion and not just a seasonal one. That said I will be adding to the list in the coming days and invite you to look over the list and share with others. I will include links and any personal information that I might have; however, I make no guarantees about any of these products or the craftsmanship or the company and this is based solely on my likes, dislikes, opinions and the thought that I think it worthy of a gift.

My first one is a Bread Bag made of a Bamboo textile. One was given as a gift by my Mom to a friend.  I tried to talk herout of giving  it, but it didn’t work.  The bags are very functional, very well constructed. I was fond of the finish of the bamboo material and thought it would be a great idea. Bamboo  helps to wick the moisture away from the bread to help maintain the crust. I am including the URL to the website. Also, may I mention I did not know bamboo was so versatile! I was contacted by Ann and she informed me  they are adding vegetable bags to the ensemble and added a photo. I didn’t ask but I don’t think she will mind if I share with you now. So check this out!!

Yes, you found it first here. The vegetable bags will not be on the website until this coming week so this is a SNEAK Preview and Premier!

Please read the information on the website regarding the bag material.  I found that bamboo has antibacterial properties and is washable. I noticed it had a great feel, sheen and seemed to have a strong tensil strength.

Take this link and see what they carry!  Good luck and Happy Holidays!




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